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To Make Good Beer

Out of the over 8,000 breweries in the country there are only 60 Black owned and operated breweries. While the beer drinking side of the industry is becoming more diverse, the ownership and production side has maintained its homogeneous roots and is not diverse at all. There is a need for equality in the industry but what we really want is to build equity and ownership in the industry as producers and not only consumers. In a city that has birthed the Black Panther Party, influenced the Hip-Hop industry, created our own lingo and was once one of the Chocolate Cities, it’s a shame that none of the breweries in Oakland are Black owned.

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Why We Are Doing This

Creating a More Diverse Palate and Experience

Hella Coastal's purpose is to highlight  beer drinkers and producers that are not well represented in the present day craft brewing scene. Our focus is to show the diversity and inclusivity of brewing in all aspects. Whether it's the lifestyle, just two guys that turned beer drinking into beer crafting, that’s now growing into the first Black owned brewery in Oakland. We strive hard to represent the work and pride of what goes into the art of craft brewing, but also the inclusivity of what makes where we come from as a whole, what it is…...diverse. We want to maintain and grow upon the tradition of the brewers that were unrecognized before us. And with that, bring those traditions to the forefront to be recognized. Additionally we want to raise, address and educate the public on the historical, economic, social and health issues concerning our communities.

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