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Black Is Beautiful

We added our own twist to this oatmeal stout by aging it with oak chips soaked in VSOP Hennessy and Madagascar vanilla beans.

Mango Habañero

American Wheat Ale brewed with organic Mangos and Habañero extract. Hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo. Sweet on the front and spicy on the backend.

Mango IG.jpg
Milkshake IPA

We plan on tinkering with this one some more, so close... We added Amarillo, Citra and Equanot to the whirlpool and dry hopped with Amarillo, Equanot, Warrior and Citra. Added Milk sugar to give a creamy mouthfeel and balance out the hops.

wide crane.jpg
Orange Kölsch

Light. Refreshing and Citrusy. Our take on the Kölsch-Style Ale, we added sweet orange peel into the boil and used Centennial as our aroma hop addition.

twin kolsch.jpg
Amarillo Pale Ale

West Coast Pale Ale with single origin Amarillo hops. Super hoppy, citrusy and floral. 

More Coming Soon!

We're just getting started and have many more twist to throw on our favorite classic beers styles!

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