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Back in October 2020 we were presented an opportunity to collab on a barrel aged sour blend project with the dope folks at The Rare Barrel. Over a series of meetings, we had some pretty open dialogue about race, social justice issues, and how systematic oppression affected our history and how it will effect our legacy if serious conversations like these aren't brought to the table.  


Being that we are both fathers of young sons, we're faced with some undeniable challenges everyday that makes us concerned for their livelihoods as they become men, and how they will confront them......Will society be in a better place for them as whole? This dialogue (#BreathingConversations) with the whole team at The Rare Barrel, has been one of the most meaningful, thought provoking, and passionate conversations we've had outside of our families. 


We honor Finback Brewery for starting this very necessary initiative and The Rare Barrel for collaborating with us especially in today’s racially and socially inequitable climate. Thank you doesn't say enough. 

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We teamed up with HopBay​​ to create "Bay Connected". An initiative of diversity and inclusion in our Bay Area Craft Beer Community. From local events to collaborations we are committed to spreading our message of diversity and help breweries connect with their own communities. We are #BayConnected and we will Stay Connected to express our vision through out! Get ready 2021!!

“Bay Connected, Stay Connected”

-Collaboration Tee + gift $35.00

*Design by @baysmostgifted

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We linked up with Federation Brewing to create this bomb coconut Stout inspired by the age-old Puerto Rican holiday drink coquito. Brewed with heaping amounts of hand-toasted coconut flakes, whole cinnamon sticks, lactose and Madagascar vanilla beans. Whether you’re enjoying this for the holidays or on a warm beach near San Juan, you’ll feel the vibes when it’s “Bomba Nights.”


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Maria Fund, an organization who disburses funds to organizations and initiatives that are driving critical work on the frontlines to meet immediate relief needs and organizing for the building of an equitable Puerto Rico.

“Bomba Nights”

-ABV 7.5%

-Can art by @Julia_the_creative

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Wh​at happens when The Town and The City Link up for a collab? You get a super danky, juicy West Coast Hazy DIPA that satisfies all of your needs for delicious hop aroma. Featuring Enigma, Strata and African Queen Hops.

“Town and City DIPA”

-ABV 8%

-Can art by  @pugsybogues | @jivecity_jonez